Welcome to the website of Imperium - a World of Warcraft guild on Khadgar-eu.

As of 23/02/2013, Imperium has stopped raiding. For the present moment the Guild will continue as a social community guild.

This is gonna be fun!

Twin Ogrons killed Imperium style on the last attempt on jan 8th 2015

Butchered The Butcher

Making some nice casual progress in Highmaul, The Butcher went down without too much trouble on Dec 11th 2014.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

A perfect Cut

This Sunday Imperium killed Blade Lord Ta'Yak, the second boss in Heart of Fear. With only 1 day of practice we got a nice strategy to kill the boss without too much problem. Thanks to everyone joining in this weekend. Get your flyswatters ready, we are going to need those next.

You will join us or you will perish

This Saturday Imperium killed the first boss in Heart of Fear. After a quick clear of Mogu'Shan Vaults at the start of the week, Imperium focused on Heart of Fear on the off days. Without much problem the first boss was killed. Let's sharpen our blades for the next boss.

Manual Override

This Tuesday Imperium defeated the Will of the Emperor and has now cleared 10m normal Mogu'Shan Vaults! On the last possible moment of the raid week we managed to get a group together to finish the final boss, after the succesful kill of Elegon the day before. Thanks to everyone who participated on all the succesful and unsuccesful attempts in the raid instance. Special thanks to Søde, Lucretious and Arcìmedes for completing the Guild group on Tuesday.

Countermeasures Successful!

This Monday Imperium killed Elegon. After nearly 200 wipes and a lot of angry faces the mean dragon was slain.
Thanks to everyone that participated in the successful & unsuccesful attempts, it is time to move on to a different boss.

The Kingslayers v2.0

After killing the third boss on Sunday Imperium continued to The Spirit Kings, the fourth bossfight in Mogu'shan Vaults. Without many problems the kings were slain on the same night and Imperium was able to continue to Elegon.
Thanks to everyone who participated that evening, time to look to the stars for guidance on the next boss.

It Be Dyin' Time, Now!

Last Sunday Imperium managed to kill Gara'jal the Spiritbinder, the third boss in Mogu'shan Vaults. Unlike the previous bosses we got the fight over without many wipes.
Thanks to everyone who participated on the unsuccessful and successful attempts, let's go kill some kings!


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